Dave Beaton - guitar | Peter Glockner - lead vocal | Les Kobayashi - drums | Nick Garding - bass

"Music for all urges - it's like driving a race car while eating a hot fudge sundae..."

Blurring the line between mainstream and alternative, The Fighting Urges crank out a wide range of musical styles: from adrenaline soaked rock to uniquely edged pop, and from modern power acoustic to country infused groove. It's all bound tightly together with the same energy and sound that has made this four piece band such a huge success among a rapidly growing fan base.

The Fighting Urges began life as a penniless blues band called Glockwerk Orange in Kelowna, Canada (as farfetched as that sounds, there actually was a tiny and almost thriving blues scene in Kelowna at one time). Armed with a floating bridge-load of talent and energy, the 5-piece Glockwerk Orange soon earned enough pennies to replace their growing pile of broken harmonicas.

All was not well, however. Bursting with a unique and unstoppable appeal, the Glockwerk boys soon found themselves on the outside looking in at the tiny and ever shrinking Kelowna blues circle. "You're not blues!" they cried. "Ah-ha!" said the Glockwerk five in epiphanic unison, "We're not blues!"

So what were they?

Determined to find out, and having slimmed down to a 4 piece unit, they set to work. Founding member Dave Beaton got in his car and began writing in a drive to add to his growing catalogue of songs and road rage incidents.

The others did what they could to help.

Original member and singer Peter Glockner added his unbridled enthusiasm and charm, bridging massive chasms of uncertainty and doubt with logic defying optimism. Drummer Les Kobayashi provided his precise analysis of the situation, and all agreed that whatever it was that he said, he must be right. Bass player Stefan Bienz brought stability to the now somewhat chaotic scene simply by being the nicest guy to ever walk upright.

When the smoke cleared and Dave's car was safely back in the driveway, The Fighting Urges proudly emerged from the studio having shed their old moniker, and having gained comparisons to Collective Soul, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Wallflowers. Meanwhile, the raging postal worker who had followed Dave to the studio had some comparisons of his own to share, but that's another story.

With the release of a new album, the addition of Nick Garding on bass, and two songs already on rock radio, The Fighting Urges are ready to take on the world. Or at least tour it. What could be better?